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thanks for the memories, zion. it was great to finally meet you!

Zion is beautiful, but I'll need to go back to fully appreciate its full glory. I'd love to hike the Narrows, but I need a permit and full all-weather gear (most of the hike is waste deep water). I've learned to accept that I can't do EVERYTHING the first go around. It's not like this is the last time I'll travel! I'm taking notes... 

Zion is the "greenest" park I've visited so far. There's barely any parking within the park itself, so they force you to take a shuttle everywhere. While it's environmentally friendly, it drove me a bit crazy. If you want to hike the Emerald Pools, for example, you need to shuttle to your stop and then wait for the shuttle to take you back errrr. I like to be spontaneous and change my mind on a dime. I'm not the best "planner" (clearly), so it was a bit hard to adjust.    

Now I know for next time! :)

Once again, I woke lulu up for this photo! She's such a funny little bugger.

Btw: this pic is funny because I got about 10 miles outside the park when I realized I didn't take a pic near the sign! I had to go back! lol


zion national park : emerald pools

First off, I should begin by telling you the "Emerald" Pools are not emerald! At least not yet anyway. When I asked about this obvious problem, the ranger said they'll turn "emerald" in about a month. Helpful information I could have used YESTERDAY! Apparently the "green" algae needs time to grow, which then gives the pools their "emerald" effect. While "emerald" pools would be much prettier (because now it just looks like dirty water), it was a nice hike.

view from under the falls!

view of the "not so emerald" lower pool. Told you it looked like dirty water!

lower falls
upper falls (middle was closed). 


zion: hebrew for refuge or sanctuary


Other than spotting a rocky mountain big horn from a distance in Glacier National Park, I've never really seen one, and definitely not this many! Hence why I took so many photos! These are desert big horn here in Zion, but BIG HORN none-the-less (well, little horn in this case)! I loved photographing these guys!


zion national park : full of big horn trouble makers!!

Ram #1: "Were you looking at my woman?"    Ram #2: "So what if I was?"

Ram #1: "I'm gonna kick your skinny ram #ss, that's what!


zion national park: the circle of life!

May not be suitable for children. Unless of course you want to have the birds and the bees conversation!