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my chapter as a print model! dick's sporting goods!

Camping alone with your dog for the better part of a year in a teardrop camper will definitely change a person. I've always been a risk taker and the glass is always full in my world, but that kind of experience changes your soul. Nothing is remotely out of reach. 

Which takes me to my next adventure –– which is less of an adventure and more of an experience. One day I was flipping through an Athleta catalog and thought to myself, "self: I can do that" (print modeling that is). I'm not a fan of posing for pics (I much prefer goofy selfies and headstands), but still figured it was worth a shot. Why not? Seriously. I have absolutely nothing in the world to lose and at least I can know I gave it a shot. YOLO! 

So I shot I gave and a shot I received! At 40 years old I was signed by Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited, a premier commercial lifestyle and fitness agency with offices in LA and Oregon. I honestly didn't care for one second if I never booked a job. The mere fact that I actually got "signed" by an agency at 40 years old was my victory. I lived in Laguna beach with a very full life so I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to LA as often as necessary for casting opportunities, but of course I would try! 

Here's my first job! Dick's Sporting Goods May 2013! What I love about Dick (hahahaha) is that their ads are extremely authentic. I appeared on set and immediately they took of my makeup and nail polish. They pulled my hair into a tight pony tail and threw on a helmet, errr, not a great look for anyone. They wanted everything to be natural. Heck, you're paying me so I'll do whatever you want. They put me in a bike outfit and had me clip into pedals. WTF, I hadn't clipped into pedals for years!!! I quickly figured it out, sort of. It was either that or topple over on my face with my legs still stuck to the pedals – which definitely almost happened. I had to ride up and down hills, over logs – over and over (and over) again. "Hello, water please?"  It was a phenomenal experience and perfect for a non-poser like me. The hiking shot was just as natural, but less strenuous. ;-) 


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