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One of my newest designs! This one is special because, well, I think he's really cute. Seriously though, my Live Free Bear represents my Girl Reinvented travel adventure – and a man I met a long the way. 


Be Brave

Seek Adventure

Breathe With Your Eyes

Do you get the meaning of "Breathe with your eyes?" It means slow down and soak it all in – all of beauty that surrounds us. Find beauty in the small things. 

I wish I could take credit for the saying, but I can't. During my adventure I was occasionally on Match, the dating site. My profile read "I left NYC to travel the country..." As you can imagine, men were not lining up to date me, but I did receive a tremendous amount of emails from guys encouraging me and cheering me on – which is the last thing I expected. It was really awesome, actually. Match is home to a lot of creepy guys, but when you leave to travel the country (and not actually datable) it's a natural vetting process. Who knew? The creeps are just plain creepy and looking for one thing – therefore no creeps contacted me. So weird for Match.

One particular email stood out from the rest. It was from a man named Jerome, "I missed you on both ends," his email read. He had just left San Francisco to move to NYC and here I was smack in the middle of America sitting at the confluence of the Mississppi and Wisconson Rivers to be exact. Jerome had traveled the country quite a bit, even hitchhiking across Canada. He understood. "I would give you some suggestions on sites to see along the way, but I don't think that's necessary as your heart will guide you. The advice I will give you, however, is to breathe with your eyes." His words touched me unlike anything I had read or experienced before. My journey was mostly silent, except for the one way conversations I'd have with Lulu and of course some nice folks I'd met along the way. More than anything, my journey was a deeply visual experience. I was learning to appreciate the beauty in the small things.


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