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yoga chateau! my new yoga studio in laguna leach!


Living life to the fullest and persuing your dreams takes risk. Risk is monumentally scary, but it's worth every bead of sweat. Just like that, in a blink, yesterday is gone and you can't get it back. I've learned it takes conscious effort to slow down and make changes. It's so easy to get caught up in the minutia of life. 

I found this incredible space to rent in Laguna Beach. Absolutely perfect for a boutique yoga studio. While it might be "perfect", actually pulling the trigger was a totally different story. Could I actually do this? I've never even taught a class before and now I'm gong to open a studio? My thought was why not. I just got certified as an instructor and sure I could "sub" here and there at

various yoga studios but that's not the way I roll. I would rather jump in head first and run my own shop and learn on the fly. My 'Grand Opening' was July 13, 2012!

My new yoga studio is named "Yoga Chateau". It's heartbreaking to report that I had to sell my camper to open my studio, but it's time for a new chapter. It takes money to fuel a 2-1/2 year unplanned adventure so I have to make some sacrifices. I cried the day I sold it wathcing her drive down the road attached to someone else's car grrrrrr. As much as I LOVED her, I couldn't hold onto her just for nostalgia. It was time for new adventures, AND the days of taking off 'alone' in my camper are behind me. My new studio is built with love and blind faith. My marketing consisted of walking the streets with promo cards leaving them on mailboxes, car windows, and doorsteps. I even walked into offices and straight up to unsuspecting women as they sat in their cubicles. "Hi, I'm Diana. Do you do yoga?" lol  I'm happy to report my guerilla marketing paid off! My grand opening was a huge success and a ton of people came! 

Holy shit what have I done. My first few days / weeks of teaching were the hardest and most humbling moments of my life. I seriously sucked so bad it's amazing. There are women out there that never came back and probably still tell the story of their experience (laughing hard) til this day. I've traveled the world, camped across the country alone, managed people and run my own company, but teaching yoga? Wow. Not. I have a whole new appreciation for teachers or any kind, anywhere. It was basically like a big game of Simon Says. If I piced my nose they would've pciked their noses. I swear. So much pressure. Happy to report after a rigoroous self induced practice bootcamp, teaching is second nature to me now. i developed my own style, which I was able to do because I ran my own show. It was hard but soooo worth it. 

Here are some photos of the studio!

More Photos Here!

sometimes it turned into yoga beach bootcamp

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