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tips for staying fit on the road!


 Yoga Mat: Great for those impromptu moments when you want to stand on your head and watch the sunset. No really, possibilities are endless. And I did in fact stand on my head while the sun was setting in the Badlands! This has been one of my most beloved travel companions. While you might not want to carry a full size mat like I do, they make great travel options. Click Here! or Here!



 Yoga Belt: Great for stretching and rolls up to practically nothing! Super easy to pack!







8 lb Hand Weights: Yes, you read that correctly, I travel with 8 lb weights. I'm quite certain my fellow campers think I'm a little off when I start doing lateral raises and overhead presses right outside my teardrop. Funny thing about that: I don't care what anyone else thinks! :) 




Resistance Band Weight Training: I love my weights but this helps with legs not just arms. For those of you that don't feel like lugging around weights, this is the perfect option! So many workout possibilities. Click Here for a list! 





Push Ups: I can always count on this classic standby to keep my arms in shape. I just do about 20 everyday. Nothing major but it's enough! Little bit everyday makes a difference! When I'm at a campground, I usually place my hands on the picnic table bench and do them on an angle. Not sure why, I just do. 

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