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another on-the-road coffee idea!


I have a propensity to morph into Satan's sister without my coffee (joke, sort of). No really, I'm a very happy person but I need my coffee. 

Just got this tip from a follower. The REI ONE CUP COFFEE MAKER: Seems like a handy little coffee gadget, although it doesn't look big enough! At only $5.95 I'd say it's worth having around. 

Thanks, Robin!

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm sure if we compare gear lists we would both find many many new ideas. I used this 1 cup drip coffee maker sometimes, but the clean up can be a pain (in the woods) you have to dump the paper filter out and rinse out the thing. So more often than not I just used Starbucks VIA or Maxwell house coffee bags.


June 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRobin

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