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Our road to LA is paved with uncertainty, pot holes and speed bumps! I need more Tums

Time is ticking away. Pressure is mounting. Blake and I leave for LA next Monday the 21st! After weeks of messages, I finally spoke to Blake's social worker, Ms. Jenkins, and doctor from the nursing home. Things were finally looking up.  That is until this morning...

I paced in the kitchen as I waited for Ms. Jenkin's call.  She was meeting with his doctor and the nursing home adminsitrators this morning to discuss whether or not they would grant Blake his "pass" to leave their facility. There are certain requirements I need to meet in order to ensure that he will be safe. I of course will do anything. 

Finally, the phone rang.  It was Ms. Jenkins.

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Blake + manual wheelchair + power wheelchair = a very mobile Blake!

First a manual chair, now a POWER chair! What's next? Maybe a handicap accessible RV? 

With the help of my amazing friends, including Penny Marshall, I held a fundraiser in NYC on January 21st to buy Blake a new "manual" wheelchair. Blake was desperate for new wheels. The chair he had been using for the previous 3 years was old, heavy and lacked back support. The "support" was actually a piece of plywood located underneath his flimsy seat cushion (you can't make this stuff up)! The chair was actually making his condition worse – as if being paralyzed wasn't bad enough! It was awful. We had to take action. 

The event was an overwhelming success. We raised enough money to buy the new MANUAL wheelchair AND "power assist" wheels, as a manual chair is not supportive enough for him. Although the new chair was "ultra-lite", Blake still has extreme difficulty pushing himself around with his crippled hands. He desperately needed a POWER wheelchair, but the cost was too far out of reach. "Power assist" wheels would have to do for now. 

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Happy Monday! Week is off to a good start! (need to stay positive!)

Ms Jenkins, Blake's social worker at Beth Abe Nursing Home, FINALLY took my call today! Whew. I really can't afford anymore gray hairs. We still have some big hurdles, but things are looking up! Blake is basically a ward of the state/the nursing home, so he needs "approval" and a "pass" to leave the facility! Please say a prayer. Big "meeting" tomorrow (doctors/administrators) to "discuss", then they're calling me! UGH. Say a prayer!! I thought tracking down his ID was tough?! Anyone have any Tums?


Vote for YOGI, the cutest FDNY firehouse dog! 

Yogi, of Engine 74 in Manhattan and friend of lulu, is a finalist to be in a charity doggie calendar! Help a doggie out. Cast your vote today! Click Here!



yoga day 22 | the yoga nazi

I recently came across an article in The New York Post featuring Otto Cedana's Bikram Yoga Studio in Union Square. As you'll read in the article, Otto's style of teaching sounds more like water boarding than yoga. I had to check this place out for myself. Could he really be that bad!

Location: Bikram Union Square 841 Broadway 6th Floor NYC

Cost: Pricey at $30 per class  ($2 for lock rental / $2.50 for water / free towels)

Venue: bright, clean, with big windows in main yoga studio

Class: Bikram Yoga

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My new departure date is set! I'm heading out on my life-changing journey across the country on July 4th! So fitting to be leaving on "Independence" Day! Everything happens for a reason. Delaying my trip was necessary to get Blake organized and ready for our trip to LA (for his new power wheelchair), BUT I am so anxious and excited to head out on my adventure I can hardly contain myself. I completely underestimated how much work/time would be involved in making this LA trip happen for Blake. I wouldn't change a thing, but MAN, I can't wait to hit the road!!

There is one good thing about STILL being here... since moving out of the city, I've been "squatting" at my friend Tanya's macdaddy pad in the Financial District. My new residence is located on the complete opposite end of the city from where I moved (UWS), and where I spent the last 5 years! Living down here is like living in a different state! I'm taking subway lines I've never ridden! In some ways, my adventure has already begun!!!

Blake and I return from LA on June 26, which leaves me one week to focus on ME! (organize, pack, see family, etc...)  YAY!!

Here's a tentative list of the states I'll be hitting!

Some of my adventures!


yoga day 21 | yoga to the people

Things have been a bit crazy lately to say the least. Trying to organize this trip to LA is a much bigger project than I thought, but hold on! Good news! I believe I may have found some ID for Blake so I can get him on the airplane!!  I have his official high school transcript and Access-A-Ride said they would send me a copy of his Access-A-Ride photo ID. Blake had one but lost it. Not sure how long it will take to apply for another birth certificate?! I'm going to make some calls on Monday, but hopefully this will do!!!  I've been doing my daily yoga, but blogging had to be on hold (Blake is a bit more important) :)  I have much to catch up on. I thought I would start with today's yoga (since the summary will be easy!) and work my way back!!  

Read New York Times article that featured Greg Gumucio’s studio, Yoga to the People.  Their philosophy is simple and refreshing: “Yoga to the People is a unique yoga studio with the goal of recapturing what we consider to be the essence of yoga… simply put, yoga made available to everyone.”

LocationYoga to the People 12 St. Marks Place E. Village NYC (12:00 Saturday)

Cost: donation (whatever you can afford). Teacher stood at the door at the end of class with an empty tissue box collecting donations. Love it. This is the way life should be. Not sure how they afford to stay open, but I sure hope they do!!!

Venue:  bright, open, clean, inviting (I have a picture that I'll add soon!)

Class: Power Vinyasa 

Class size:  large class (quite a few guys!). Another hot body yoga convention.

Level: Intermediate


Summary:  I can not say enough good things about Yoga to the People.  It really is perfect yoga in my book. I love this place. I took traditional hot yoga at their 27th street location (LOVED IT) and thought I would give this venue a try. I think it's safe to say they offer incredible yoga across the board. The yoga today was tough but delivered in the most perfect pace. Teacher was fantastic. He was smart and focused and relaxed. LOVED him. 

I highly suggest everyone in NYC give Yoga to the People a try – whether you already practice or new to yoga. Most New Yorkers high tail it out of the city on the weekend, but if you find yourself here, take this saturday afternoon class!!! You will thank me – I promise. I am totally in love with yoga now. I can't believe it has taken me so long to get into it. 

Note to men: Take this class and start doing yoga! What an incredibly tough rewarding workout. Yoga is NOT just for girls. Some of the strongest, most ripped dudes I've ever seen are in my yoga classes!!

There will be no correct clothes • There will be no proper payment • No right answers • No glorified teachers • No ego No script No pedestals • No you're not good enough or rich enough • This yoga is for EVERYONE • This sweating breathing and becoming • This knowing glowing feeling • Is for the big small weak and strong • Able and crazy • Brothers sisters and grandmothers • The mighty and meak • Bones that creak • Those who seek • This power is for EVERYONE


Today's forecast

Today's forecast: Deadly Tornado!

Trying to track down ID for a boy that lives in a nursing home is going to be the death of me! Tell my family I love them!

NO ID = NO FLIGHT! AHHHHHH That can't happen. I think people find it fun to listen to my pleading voicemails, then delete them!

I really need my yoga today, and wine. A lot of wine.


Some of the fun things in store for Blake in LA!!

• He FINALLY gets to meet Bill Goldberg!
• Shopping!
• Dodgers vs Angels baseball game!
• Celebrity Poker Tournament!
New Power Wheelchair!
• Taping of the "Tonight Show"!


Funny "match maker" story! It's official – My "guy" does not live in NYC!  

So about a year and half ago I decided to do the online dating thing. It's really not as taboo as it used to be so I figured why not open up the dating pool! Match is one way to go, I've tried it, but it doesn't really have a good "crazy yahoo" filter. I think you have to pay extra for that feature (it's not really a feature, but it should be! I'd pay!) Anyway, I was googling around one night looking to see if there was another more discreet option with the "crazy yahoo filter" included. I found one that sounded pretty cool. I submitted my info and continued on my merry way. They only contact you if they find a guy that seems like a good fit. So...

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