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Gunned down. paralyzed. unstoppable. Please help buy a computer for Jermaine. 

If you've followed my blog, then you're familiar with the Boys of Beth Abe  a better name would actually be The Lost Boys of Beth Abe (Beth Abe: the nursing home where they were living).

Anyway, leaving the "Boys" to go after my dreams and reinvent myself was the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was because of them that I had the courage to do it in the first place!! How about that for heartwrenching irony! 

It's been a decade since Jermaine was gunned down in a senseless robbery, followed by a decade of constant perseverence, strength and courage. He received his first computer in 2007 and earned his GED from his hospital bed in a nursing home where he had to live. Against all odds, he just graduated college and now he's going for his Masters in Psychology! (Brooklyn College fall 2017)!! Please click on the link to read more. 

The computer I purchased for him in 2011 just imploded, literally. It got him through college, but barely. He desperately needs a new computer, so he can continue to pursue his dreams! The money I am trying to raise is for a 13" Apple MacBook Pro with a 3 yr Apple Care Plan. 

I'm running a startup right now, so I really need the power of the people to make it happen for him. If 100 people give $20 we can do it! Every single cent goes directly to Jermaine. Please help my little brother from a differnet mother continue to pursue his dreams.

Please click on link below to read his story and DONATE! $20 will change his life. 


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