Coaching and giving back with the Saugatuck Rowing Club :) 
Monday, August 14, 2017 at 04:32PM
Girl Reinvented

This summer I was blessed to spend 6 glorious weeks teaching Bridgeport (CT) inner city kids how to row. As you can imagine, the experience was so much bigger and more important than just rowing. We didn’t just have a responsibility to teach those 14 beautiful young souls how to row, we also had (and more importantly) a responsibility to make them feel welcome and deserving. Anything is possible. 

My new company is of course my focus, but if there’s anything I learned from my quit eveything, quasi-off-the-grid, Girl Reinvented American experience, it's that a truly happy life requires balance. I loved the life I had created for myself on the west coast, but after losing my dad (unexpectedly), I was drawn back home – to the east coast. It was hard leaving my friends, my yoga studio and my Dana Outrigger ohana, but I found a perfect (new) home here in Westport, CT at the Saugatuck Rowing Club. I’m on the water rowing, I’m teaching yoga and I’m coaching kids. I'm part of a family again and it feels so amazing. 

Rowing has an elitist stigma, but the Saugatuck Rowing Club is working hard to change that. From the outside, the rowing club seems inaccessible, but it's the complete opposite. We are, and always will be, an all-inclusive and accessible community of rowers and (your average/sometime above average) gym buffs. I love it here for that reason!!! 

Here's a great article that was written by the popular Westport blogger, DAN WOOG 06880 :) 





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