Scariest moment as an entrepreneur?
Friday, December 30, 2016 at 02:00PM
Girl Reinvented

The scariest moment as an entrepreneur launching a new product?

That moment your product finally goes live.

You wait.

Will people order?

You hold your breath.

And you keep holding your breath. 

You're starting to turn blue. 

Then it finally happens. 

The shopify alert goes off on your dashboard. Your FIRST order. 

Wow, it's really happening.

Nervous butterfiles mixed with excitement as you drop your first order at the post office.

What will they think? Will they love it as much as you do?

You wait.

And wait.

Everything you've worked for hinges on this moment. 

You hold your breath some more.

And wait.

Will they tell you what they think or do you have to ask. Awkward. 

More waiting.

Finally, unsolicted feedback. 

OMG they love it! They really love it! 

Wow. This is really happening. Big sigh and breathe. There's no better feeling in the world.  

 Here's a few photos of my #DishRaggs shared by happy customers. I feel so blessed. :)


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