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Girlreinvented.com was active during my teardrop adventure, and now she's back on for my next adventure, 6 years later, building a company from nothing out of a garage. Blogging takes time, of which I have very little of these days, so for quick updates you can visit my Girl Reinvented,LLC FB page. I am not narcissistic enough to think people would've cared about the daily happenings between my adventure and now. However, my three years on an outrigger racing team in CA (2013-2015) would have been a outstanding chapter to document – it's such a unique, badass sport. Anyway, the point is, I think we're all programmed to be a little narcissistic, but it's up to us to put ourselves in check. Of course that's harder than ever to do in this "selfie" society we live in. Btw: 6 years ago when I was on my adventure, selfies were not popular (or at least not in my Blackberry world). However if you look through my photos, I took a million of them! I was so excited to learn photography that I would carry my tripod with me everywhere I went. For me, it was less about taking a "selfie" and more about documenting my adventure and playing with depth perspective on my Canon SLR. Every single picture holds special meaning. This Montana shot is by far my favorite! No filter at all (I don't think filters existed back then, lol). This is me when I finally saw the Montana sign for the first time cruising down I-90 with my teardrop camper in tow. I was so excited. I had dreamed of visiting Montana all my life. I pulled over, jumped out of the car and quickly set up my tripod. Looks doctored, but it's NOT AT ALL! This is the real highway sign and me pointing at if from at least 100 yards away. 

Anyway, I'm someone who loves when things come full circle. I wait for the spirit to move me – for something to feel right. I need things to click and make sense. And when they do, and the stars align, BAM, it's magic. I get so excited I want to explode. 

That's how I feel about turning Girl Reinvented, LLC into my company. When I started my first company at 27, my Aunt Bette gave me her blessing with the phrase, "Do what you know."  I knew publishing back then and now I know Girl Reinvented and everything she has taught me. My Girl Reinvented adventure is so much more than a singular experience. GR began as an unplanned adventure traveling the country in teardrop camper, but she's so much more than that. GR has reshaped my world and taught me anything is possible. What Girl Reinvented represents is more important than my personal experiences. I've definitely taken my fair share of wrong turns over the last few years, but it has all led to this moment. I truly gave up everything to leave my bubble and reinvent myself. Starting over isn't easy, but I learned to have faith and never give up. I am the author of my story. No one else. 

And with my new adventure comes a new persona for Girl Reinvented. The old Girl Reinvented was very private. I was extremely cautious about revealing my identity during my sabbatical. Never in this blog will you even see my name, until now (Hi, I'm Diana Kuen, Girl Reinvented :). My life, pre-adventure, was a hard cover book, tangible – literally and figuratively. I produced travel sections for NYT & Boston Globe (print) and I worked in sales and marketing as well. There's still something so comforting about getting ink smudges on my thumbs from flipping through the Sunday NYT with a big cup of coffee (man, I'm old). I was very naive to the power of blogging and the social media subculture back in 2010. At one point, I amassed so many emails from strangers, I even put a password on my blog because I was freaked out. I had to "go dark" while I processed this new subculture I had inadvertently penetrated. I wasn't typing into vacuum. Whether it was my intention or not, the world could see every single word I had written – and strangers were reading. It was up to me to look at it from a different point of view. Ultimately realizing everything requires a sense of balance, here I am.

OK, now I have to get back to producing 3000 towels for Camping world, and about to launch a new CharityRagg for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. These are VERY exciting times! 


xoxo Girl Reinveinted


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