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back on the dating scene! 

Let's face it, dating isn't easy. Now add the fact that I am a vagabond, living in a camper, and it becomes pure comedy. Some of these dates should really be recorded.  

I decided to go back on Match. Why? Not sure. If you don't take it too seriously, it's a harmless dating aid and pretty entertaining. And who knows, I may actually meet someone. Crazier things have happened! I've met some great and not so great guys on there. Worst is probably a guy I met in Colorado, and let's hope the guy that manufactures lubricant powders doesn't contact me again! 

Match isn't all bad, however, I did have a 2 month love affair (online) with a great guy from NYC who flew 2,000 miles just to meet me. The irony of the fact that I had just "left" NYC is not lost on me. It was such a huge romantic gesture (and yes, slightly crazy). C'mon, what girl doesn't love that "throw caution into the wind" spontaneity? The day our eyes met for the first time at the Jackson Hole Airport was definitely a scene out of a movie. It was wonderful while it lasted, but you need more than a great first date. He wins for very BEST effort though! He definitely went the extra mile, literally. We may not be the best "Match" for dating but something tells me we'll be friends forever.

(Updated 2/27/15: he's one of my closest friends and lives in PA now :)


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Reader Comments (1)

everytime I read your entries I think you should have a camera crew following you. Would definately be anawesome reality show. I mean girl reinvented is already a great name. Btw love this post being the hopeless romantic that I am. Definately gets an A for huge romantic gesture :) Its been awhile since I've checked in to see how you're doing so I have some catching up to do. Don't be surprised if you have a bunch of comments from me today lol Safe travels

June 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarisa

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